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Post no. 1 (PID: 373) - 21-10-14 00:17
1. Thirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill (The Vision Bootleg) (Short Edit) Loading...2. Phuture Noize - Soul Machine (Short Edit) Loading...3. A-Lusion - Be Yourself (2012 Mix) (Short Edit) Loading...4. Outlander - Fire (Short Edit) Loading...5. Naked Fish Feat. Delight - Better Day (Ncrypta Lose Control Remix) (Short Edit) Loading...6. Re-Volt - The Movement (Screech Mix) (Short Edit) Loading...7. The R3belz - Fire Nation (Short Edit) Loading...8. Secret Unity & MVA - Scars (Short Edit) - Scars (Short Edit) Loading...9. Ncrypta - Panic (Short Edit) Loading...10. Kevin Kaos Ft. MC I See - Destroy You At Once (Short Edit) Loading...11. Hit 'N Run - Let's Go Hard (Short Edit) Loading...12. The Anarchist - Take It Down (Short Edit) Loading...13. Crypsis - No Time 2 Chill (Short Edit) Loading...14. Da Daze & Ncrypta - Insane (Short Edit) Loading...15. Atmozfears - Rip The Jacker (Short Edit) Loading...16. Exit Mind - Believe (Short Edit) Loading...17. Frequencerz - Rockstar (Short Edit) Loading...18. Noisecontrollers - E=NC2 (Short Edit) Loading...19. Primefire - The Owlman (Short Edit) Loading...20. Warface & DJ Luna - The Revival (Re-Shock Extended Mix) (Short Edit) Loading...21. Caine - Underworld (Short Edit) Loading...22. Chris One - MF Punk (DJ Thera Remix) (Short Edit) Loading...23. The Machine - Within Each Of Us (Short Edit) Loading...24. The Vision - The Evil Dead (Short Edit) Loading...25. Radical Redemption - God's Child (Short Edit) Loading...26. Titan & High Voltage - Global Pandemic (Short Edit) Loading...27. Exit Mind & Radiance - Diverse (Short Edit) Loading...28. E-Force - Seven (Short Edit) Loading...
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Hey there ! This is Re-Shock and you are now plugged into #Assault podcast number 10

In this special episode i eddited some tracks en shorten al tracks up.
And guess what i have putted them in a hell of a energetic mix for you!

So buckle up and get ready to hit the gas

Re-Shock OUT
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