The most used Operating System in the world.
Use this if you are on a Windows machine, usually Windows Media Player is installed which can play this file.

Apple / MAC
The choice MAC lovers, can be played by iTunes

Webplayer (pop-up)
This is the recommended player by RHR. It opens up which can also be accessed by phone.
Too make life easier there are 3 choices in the header of the website.
Just click OPEN PLAYER and it will open a pop-up which usually works on every machine (even phones!)
If you don't like to open a pop-up click the Windows icon if you are on a Windows OS or Apple if you're using a MAC.

There are also links on the bottom of the website which you can use for other players.
If you are behind a proxy and/or firewall usually when your on a company network it is possible that this blocks the connection to our servers.
In that case please contact your system administrator.

When you're not on a company network check your local Firewall/Anti-Virus if this blocks the connection.
Listen your favorite music everywhere you go!
On your phone go to ( will automatically redirect you) and click the play button. Nothing more to it!

There is also an app available for Android which you can download by clicking here
It is a well known question to us and unfortunately we cannot be received via a radio frequency only via Internet but who doesn't have Internet available these days?
But if you have a station we are willing to talk ;)

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